Make disruption the norm.

Leap ahead...
...with Neomegha

A new approach to software development built on agile principles offering robustness and ease of use.
App development with container support
Neomegha comes with a curated catalogue of application stacks that enable developers to focus only on translation of business logic. Neomegha also provides a catalogue of micro services that can be leveraged to instantly build new applications and run them on the cloud using containers.
Seamless DevOps orchestration
Neomegha provides a highly optimized way to manage the entire development life cycle in a cloud-native environment through pre-defined processes that can be configured for any project. Development teams achieve gains in deployment velocity through these software development processes.
Native multi-cloud support
Neomegha connects to multiple clouds to enable seamless management of multiple clouds on a single platform with a single pane of glass view. Neomegha enables single click cloud deployments, smart cloud monitoring with an integrated multi-cloud dashboard.
Unified governance
With Neomegha, IT teams can enable specific cloud providers and tools for the organisation based on approved mandates. IT can also enable a curated catalogue of application stacks and micro services for developers in a self-service mode, and standard build-and-test automation processes as required by the organisation.
Kick start innovation
Neomegha makes it easy for business teams to kick-off new projects in minutes, and run through the entire product/application development lifecycle with minimal friction in a highly automated fashion. Studies have noted 30x increment in agility through rapid development and deployment.
Increased visibility
Enterprises typically have a multi-cloud landscape that needs to be managed and maintained with the respective cloud service providers. This lacks an overall approach to managing and reporting of cloud resources being used. Neomegha provides the ability to manage and scale cloud efficiently through a single pane of glass view, resulting in better cloud utilisation and cost management.
Optimize costs
Through increased visibility across clouds and projects, granular tracking of costs enables data-driven decisions. Optimisation recommendations enable right-sizing of cloud infrastructure. Visibility into projects enables optimal and efficient use of project resources for delivery.
Manage risk
Neomegha provides a complete framework IT to foster innovation without compromising on governance.
  • Unified governance framework for all cloud-related development with a central multi-cloud policy
  • Curated catalogue of pre-certified application stacks
  • Standard methodology and toolkits for teams across the organisation
  • Standards and criteria for moving workloads from dev to test to pre-production and production environments